Archways Podiatry & Chiropody

Post operative care 

  • A dressing review appointment will be arrange within 48 hours
  • You will then be required to bathe the foot in salt water daily and put a dry dressing on the toe.
  • We will arrange another dressing review appointment for 2 weeks after the surgery
  • We advises that you refrain from certain activities such as running, football, squash, rock climbing, martial arts while the toe is healing
  • If you are concerned at any time you can contact our podiatrists for advice.
  • If bleeding occurs or you are in acute pain and not able to contact us we advise you to attend your local A+E department

Possible risks

  • All surgical procedures carry some some risk 
  • ​Infection following the removal of part or all of the nail
  • A local reaction to the chemical  (phenol) may occur to the nail bed
  • Regrowth of part or all of the nail
  • A rare but serious reaction following the injection of the local anaesthetic, called anaphylaxis shock. If this happens we are trained to administer adrenaline to stop the reaction.

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 Nail Surgery

Ingrowing toenails are very common, this can be due to faulty nail cutting, trauma, certain sport participation or family history. They can be very painful and difficult to resolve by self treatment.

Permanent nail surgery may be necessary if the ingrown toe nail is severe or it is a recurrent problem.

Pre - operative appointment  

  • An appointment discussing the best procedure will be discussed, whether this be  partial or whole nail removal
  • You will be asked about your health and please bring a list of all the medication that you are taking, also any allergies noted.
  • You will be advised that you do not need to stop eating or drinking before the surgery.
  • Also you will not be able to drive afterwards because your toe will be numb and you may not be covered by your car insurance, so it will be good if you can arrange a lift home from someone​
  • You will have to sign a consent form saying you agree to the surgery, in the case of a child a parent or guardian will need to sign. We cannot proceed with the nail surgery unless this is signed and completed

What happens during nail surgery?

  • A local anaesthetic will be given to  numb your toe so no pain will be felt only pressure.  If pain is felt more anaesthetic can be given
  • A tourniquet is placed around the toe, which will temporarily restrict blood flow to the area.
  • A small edge of the nail at the side is removed in the case of a partial nail removal, or the whole nail if this is  This will be discussed during a pre-op appointment with our podiatrists
  • A chemical solution ( phenol ) is applied under the cuticle to make sure the nail production cells are destroyed
  • A dressing is then applied to the toe which must stay in place for a minimum of 24 hours and usually until your next appointment with our podiatrists, this is quite bulky so its worth bringing a sandal to change in to.
  • ​The dressing must be kept dry and the foot covered with a plastic bag during showering.
  • When the anaesthetic wears off there may be some discomfort, you will be advised on pain relief.
  • ​There may be some bleeding into the dressing over 24 houirs after the surgery