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What is the Lacuna Method ?

Fungal infection nearly grown out a few months later

Fungal nail infections occur when dermatophytes ( athletes foot / fungi ) living on the skin enter the nail usually by trauma to the nail plate by footwear.

We also offer a simple fungal nail test which can be carried out on your initial assessment which takes about 5 mins and is 97% accurate

Fungal nails can be diagnosed through careful examination using a specialised onychomycosis ( fungal nails ) index score.

The Lacuna Method is not a short term treatment and there is no quick fix. Anti-fungal treatment is required at home for at least 6 months but in some cases it can take as long as 18 months. 

The podiatrist will advise on frequency and duration of application of the Lamisil spray.

6 weekly reviews are advised and more holes may be burred as the nail grow forward.

Short term studies have shown to be very encouraging, but no treatment can be guaranteed 100%

Fungal nail infection with micro-holes burred through the nail plate 

The Lacuna Method is a virtual pain free simple safe and effective treatment for fungal nails 

It involves making holes in the nail plate to allow an anti-fungal medicated solution ( Lamisil spray ) to reach the point of infection, the skin directly under the nail plate.

The Podiatrist  will start with applying the first application using a specialised treatment method, then you will be given instructions on daily self application ( twice ) application of the Lamisil spray through the micro-holes to reach the infected site of the nail. 

Continued use of the Lamisil spray will allow the nail to grow out healthily restoring your nails appearance and healthy shine.