​​​​​​​​​​​ROUTINE PODIATRY / CHIROPODY  ​Toe nails, corns, hard skin, dry cracked heels + fissures, fungal infections  ​£35       

DELUXE PODIATRY MEDICURE   Foot spa soak in tropic ocean Fizz, nails shaped, hard skin removed, skin buffed, ankle and foot massage with luxury oils  £40

PRENDE WARM WAX THERAPY   Feet brushed in warm wax ,wrapped in fleecy booties, wax removed and foot and ankle massage with luxury oils. Suitable for foot pain and dry skin conditions  £50


​TAPING + STRAPPING kinesiology taping for sports injuries,
also foot + ankle pain  £35


​BIOMECHANICAL  ASSESSMENTS   Clinical examination of lower limb alignment, muscle function, joint range of motion, foot posture in stance and gait analysis £55

CHILDRENS LOWER LIMB ASSESSMENT Clinical assessment of the lower limb alignment, muscle function, joint range of motion, developmental markers, Diagnostic gait analysis abnormal and developmental offering orthotic and exercise therapy and advice £45

LACUNA FUNGAL NAIL TREATMENT  A new safe simple virtual pain free effective treatment for fungal nail infections £65 

Packages available for several nail treatments discussed at the initial assessment 

5 MINUTE FUNGAL NAIL TEST   A simple fungal test strip from under the nail which takes 5 minutes and is 97% accurate £45

ORTHOTICS  Pre- made from £35  Bespoke Sub 4  £250



NAIL SURGERY  Removal of partial / whole nail  from £250


​HOME  VISITS   from £35




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KAREN HARPER 0790 411 7944