Gehwol- ​Natural enriched with herbs + essential oils

​New Soft Range - ​regenerate, protect, prevent premature
​skin ageing

Akileine - Green range - ​treat hot perspiring feet,

bad odours + blisters

​Winter range - ​treats chilblains, frostbite,  Raynauds Phenomenon

​Simply Feet creams - treat dry skin conditions

Loceryl nail laquer - Treats fungal nail infections

​Gel X ​- protects bunions, hammer toes, pain in balls of feet, heel pain, cusions + protects, reduces shoe pressure + friction

Gel X Pamper Socks - ​moisturises, softens, improves skins elasticity + appearance, nourishes skin releasing vitamins E + F

​FS6 - Compressionfoot sleeve for plantar fasciitis, heel or arch pain, strengthens supports foot structures, improves circulation.

ROCK TAPE - ​Plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, knee pain,
​arch + heel pain

​VERRUCAE TREATMENT - SPIRILARIN VS - ​Microalgae concentrate promotes regeneration + protects wart prone skin
(verrucae is a wart)​ on hands + feet


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KAREN HARPER 0790 411 7944


​​​​​​FOOTCARE GIFTS -Birthdays & Christmas

daniPro Nail Polish - Luxurious nail polish for the health conscious, chip resistant, long lasting colour , quick drying top coat, free from and damaging chemicals found in most commercial polishes. Help prevent fungal infections developing in toe nails.

All colours available top coats and clear base coats 


​​​​​​GIFT VOUCHERS -Upon request